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Changes to CAPS/ACSP Membership and Email Lists
On March 25, 2017 By J Sparling

CAPS/ACSP has revised our membership structure and email list access to accommodate: – Current postdocs (Active Members) – Former postdocs (Alumni Members) – All other interested parties (Adjunct Members) We also added Affiliation forms so groups/organizations (e.g., PDAs, PDOs, etc.) can now register as CAPS/ACSP-Affiliates for the purposes of recognition and information sharing. All current …

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Alberta Postdoctoral Associations Advocate for Employee Status and Uniform Provincial Policies
On January 26, 2017 By J Sparling

In April 2016 the Presidents of the Postdoctoral Association of the University of Calgary (PDAC), the University of Alberta Postdoctoral Fellows Association (PDFA), and the University of Lethbridge Postdoctoral Fellows Association (ULPA) submitted a letter to the Alberta Government requesting a meeting with the Province to discuss much-needed improvements in postdoctoral policy on behalf of …

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2016 Canadian National Postdoctoral Survey Results
On November 19, 2016 By J Sparling

CAPS-ACSP is excited to officially release the 2016 Canadian National Postdoc Survey Report and Executive Summary. The survey and report were funded by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research, the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada, the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council and the Burroughs Wellcome Fund. The survey covered a wide range …

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A Unique Approach to the Start-Up is Ideal for Young Researchers
On October 08, 2016 By Admin

Over my years working with CAPS/ACSP (2011 – present), I have all-to-frequently witnessed postdocs frustrated with their employment opportunities. Both the 2013 CAPS/ACSP Postdoctoral Survey and the forthcoming 2016 survey (ask me in November) show that roughly 75% of postdocs are looking for a permanent position in the academy. Unfortunately, the reality is that there …

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CRA Employment Status Rulings: Important information for all postdocs working in Canada
On June 17, 2016 By Admin

As a member of the Executive Board of the Canadian Association of Postdoctoral Scholars / Association Canadienne des Stagiaires Postdoctoraux (CAPS/ACSP), I regularly respond to emails from postdocs working all over Canada, who contact our organization for assistance and advice. Far too often those emails are from postdocs who are pregnant (or their friends or colleagues), who contact us seeking information about sources of funds for support during maternity leave. I am sure that many of you know postdocs working in Canada who have faced these or similar challenges related

What’s a postdoc anyway?
On April 07, 2016 By Admin

Postdoctoral scholars (postdocs) are researchers with a PhD, MD, or equivalent qualifications. They are a critical part of academia, particularly at research-focused institutions in Canada and around the globe. However, it is widely acknowledged that the lack of uniform postdoctoral policies at the federal, provincial, and institutional levels leaves this class of highly qualified personnel …

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CAPS/ACSP 2013 Survey Results
On November 04, 2014 By Admin

The 2013 Canadian Postdoc Survey: Painting a Picture of Canadian Postdoctoral Scholars The Canadian Association of Postdoctoral Scholars / l’Association canadienne des stagiaires post-doctoraux (CAPS-ACSP) is pleased to release the report from the 2013 Survey of Canadian Postdoctoral Scholars, (Executive Summary, Full Report) conducted in collaboration with Mitacs, between March and April, 2013. Postdoctoral scholars, or postdocs, are …

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2014 NPA (US) Institutional Survey
On November 03, 2014 By Admin

November 3,  2014 The 2014 National Postdoctoral Association Institutional Survey:  Supporting and Developing Postdoctoral Scholars. The National Postdoctoral Association (NPA) is pleased to announce the release of the National Postdoctoral Association Institutional Policy Report 2014: Supporting and Developing Postdoctoral. We believe that this data is critical for postdoc offices to assess the needs of the …

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On Taxes
On July 09, 2010 By Admin

Letters: Budget 2010 Postdocs Letter to CRA Petition to be granted the T4A Scholarship / Fellowship Income exemption   July 9, 2010  We have received the following formal response from the Ministry of Finance to our letter protesting the taxation of postdoctoral fellows in the federal budget. May 3, 2010  CAPS has received the following response from the CRA with …

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CAPS/ACSP 2009 Postdoctoral Survey and Position Paper on Postdoctoral Status
On September 07, 2009 By Admin

In 2009, CAPS/ACSP conducted our first national online survey of Canadian postdoctoral scholars. The final report from that survey, entitled “A postdoctoral crisis in Canada: From the “Ivory Tower” to the Academic “Parking Lot” is available here. CAPS/ACSP also wrote an accompanying position paper on postdoctoral status that was released around the same time. That document, …

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