CAPS/ACSP is proud to announce that the Contributing Members & Affiliates Program now includes discount Home & Auto Insurance plans from The Co-operators!

Save up to 40%* on your home and auto insurance!

Substantial savings compared to Canadian university alumni plans!
“The Co-operators insurance plans for CAPS/ACSP Contributing Members offered me the same coverage as my Alumni plans, but at a savings of 18% for my home and 28% for my auto insurance!”         
– J.S. Sparling (2018 Chair, CAPS/ACSP)

Call 1-800-387-1963 today to find out how much you could save on insurance as a Contributing Member of CAPS/ACSP!


To be eligible for enrollment in any Insurance Plans offered to CAPS/ACSP Members, you must:

  1. Be a registered Active or Alumni Member of CAPS/ACSP (click here to register).
  2. Remain on the National Postdoc Registry email list.
  3. Be a Contributing Member or belong to a Contributing Affiliate Organization (institution, Postdoc Association, or Postdoc Union). Click here for more information.

To confirm your eligibility and/or request access to the insurance plans available to CAPS/ACSP members email