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Mitacs Postdoc Internship (Trojan Technologies) – Chemistry and Chemical Engineering

Desired Start Date: ASAP

Mitacs Program: Accelerate
Company: Trojan Technologies
Project Length:  1 or 2 years
Location: London Ontario
No. of Positions Available:  1
Language: English

About Company: Trojan Technologies is the world leader in advanced ultraviolet (UV) fluid treatment technology.

Project Title: Byproduct analysis in ultraviolet-treated liquid foods

Project Description:
Ultraviolet irradiation is effective for inactivating bacteria and viruses. However, in complex matrices it has the possibility of initiating unwanted reactions resulting in undesirable byproducts. This project will analyze UV-treated liquids using LCMS/MS, GC/MS, HPLC, and UV-Vis to identify and quantify byproducts in liquid foods.

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Eligibility Requirements: Post-doctoral fellow in Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, or other with suitable experience
Expertise and Skills Needed: • LCMS method development
• Sample preparation, e.g. SPME, SPE, derivitization
• Documentation, LC and MS troubleshooting, lab inventory, waste management, etc.
Research Objectives: • Identify and quantify byproducts in UV-irradiated fluids
• Investigate methods to mitigate or enhance photochemistry
Methodology: • Compare chromatograms of control and irradiated samples. Identify compounds
• Find and develop analytical methods for LCMS/MS or GCMS analysis and quantification
Closing Date: October 30, or once suitable candidate is engaged.

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