Postdoctoral Positions

Mitacs Postdoc Internships (Ericsson Canada; Quebec) – Automating Cloud Data Center Operation

Desired Start Date: ASAP

Mitacs Program: Accelerate
Company: Ericsson Canada Inc
Project Length: 1 PDF for 2 yrs
Location: St Laurent, Quebec
No. of Positions Available: 2-3
Language: Bilingual (English/French)

About Company:
Ericsson as a major international telecom operator, and one of the top ten R&D investors in Canada, is both cloud service provider and cloud user. As a cloud service provider, investing over a billion dollars in building a massive ICT R&D center in Quebec, it is very important for Ericsson to have contingency plans for Disaster Recovery in place. Ericsson has also demonstrated its corporate responsibility for energy efficient and green solutions based on a long history of research in energy consumption and Life Cycle Assessment (LCA).

Project Description:
Manual performance, configuration and fault management of Cloud Data Centers is vulnerable to human intervention and therefore subject to human errors. One way to circumvent this problem is to use automation of the Cloud Data Center operations based on advanced technologies which may include Machine Intelligence.

The Research Area will be devoted to one or more of these themes:
Automation of Cloud Data Center operation,
Automation of Cloud Data Center maintenance.
The Automation of Cloud Data Center of containerized Micro-Services is the main area targeted.

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Background and required skills

Eligibility Requirements: PhD in Computer Engineering
Expertise and Skills Needed: - Preferably, good understanding of Cloud Data Center operation
- Preferably, good understanding of cloud applications
- If possible, good understanding of Machine Intelligence
Research Objectives: Provide Cloud Data Center automation for:
- Operation which refers to the automation of Configuration, Resource and Performance Management.
- Maintenance or fault avoidance/prevention.
Methodological Focus: - State of the art of cloud operation automation for fully connected services
- Define the next step to reduce Human intervention within 2 years
- Identify what can bring us to full automation operation and maintenance of services in a containerized cloud. This item would result in providing us with a migration plan towards full automation

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