Post-Doctoral Fellow with Multi-Action Communication

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PDF – Process Improvement and New Manufacturing Processes (QC-142)

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Discipline required and level: Post-doc in Chemistry
# Trainees / # blocks: 1 trainee, 6 blocks (2 years +)
Language: French, English
Location: Quebec, QUEBEC
Start of the project: September 2018, or earlier if possible
Preferences: Laval University (or Affiliate) and reasonable commuting distance to come to our factory at L’Ange-Gardien
Company Name: Multi-Action Communication

About the company:

Multi-Action is a high-end manufacturer of labels of all kinds. Specialties: digital printing, linerless labels, fruit and vegetable, multi-layer, blockout, etc. Innovation is our guideline, and customer satisfaction our goal.

Whatever the needs, we have flexible technology that allows us to offer a wide range of materials, glues and label media for all types of applications at very competitive prices.

Description of the project (s):

The selected candidate will be responsible for conducting research and development in order to design, improve, structure and implement the manufacturing processes. The person will also have to control and analyze the production line in order to check the quality of the products in accordance with established standards.

For more information or to apply:

  1. Check your eligibility and learn more about open projects .
  2. Interested students must obtain the approval of their supervisor and submit their resume via the web form or directly to Benoit Roberge-Vallières, bvallieres (a) , as well as the link to their supervisor’s university web page.

English version of the web form is available here .

Original job-post in French is available here.

Objectives: ● Check the quality of the products throughout the chain of production

● Assess the causes leading to a problem of non-compliance

● Develop and improve the structure and methods of the Department

● Design and improve products and/or conduct their manufacturing

● Write data sheets

● Document the objectives, means and results of the Department

● Develop a "DT primer" which once applied on a substrate of paper or synthetic confers properties Thermo-reactives

● Develop a “Hot Melt adhesive” whose physical properties do not change under the influence of the climatic differences (heat, cold, humidity, etc.)

● Improve the adhesion and strength of a silicone layer on a paper or synthetic substrate (abrasion resistance) while keeping the release agent property

● Dissolve adhesive rubber put in contact with a solution of caustic, but having ownership of property adhere to its initial support

● Improve the adhesion of a “Hot Melt adhesive” with both the properties of high cohesion while repositionable (opening/closing on a plastic container)
Methodology: We need to create a structure and methodology, and properly document the objectives, steps and outcomes - both for use internally and externally (Government)
Skills: ● Analytical and initiative

● Autonomy

● Knowledge of the environment (asset)

● Attention to detail