Post Doctoral Fellow - Neuroscience

Development of Cannabidiol-Terpene Formulations as Therapeutic Treatments for Anxiety (ON-151), London and Toronto, ON

Post Doctoral Fellow – Neuroscience

As soon as possible

Preferred Disciplines: Neuroscience (Post-Doc)
Company: Anonymous
Project Length: 12-18 months (3 units)
Desired start date: As soon as possible
Location: London and Toronto, ON
No. of Positions: 1
Preferences: This posting is to work in Dr. Steven Laviolette’s research group at Western University

About the Company: 

Our partner organization is one of the largest Medical Marijuana companies in Canada with a focus on the development of effective, cannabinoid-based therapies in the treatment of a variety of health disorders, including mental-health-related disorders such as anxiety.

Project Description:

Emerging evidence points to the potential of cannabis-derived phytochemicals for the treatment of anxiety-related disorders. Indeed, cannabis-derived phytocannabinoids, including cannabidiol (CBD) and specific monoterpene compounds found in cannabis, have been shown to have promising potential for the treatment of anxiety-related symptoms. Specifically, CBD has been shown to regulate brain circuits and neurochemical pathways known to be disrupted in anxiety disorders, including the brain’s dopamine and serotonin signaling pathways. However, it is currently not known how or why CBD may effectively target anxiety-related symptoms nor how combinations of CBD with other cannabis derivatives may produce clinically synergistic effects. Specifically, the combination of CBD with specific monoterpene compounds found in cannabis may offer significant advantages in terms of maximizing the therapeutic potential of CBD-based pharmacotherapies. In this research proposal, we will examine how selective combinations of CBD with specific cannabis-derived monoterpene compounds might serve as effective and more targeted treatments for anxiety-related symptom clusters, including both emotional and cognitive symptoms associated with anxiety. Using an integrative combination of pre-clinical, translational research tools, our studies will focus on select candidate terpenes have been shown to modulate anxiety-related brain circuits and neurotransmitter systems, and their potential synergies with CBD as targeted formulations for the treatment on anxiety-related symptoms. Results of this collaboration with Canopy Health Innovations will lead to the development of more effective CBD-terpene formulations and provide critical new knowledge pertaining to how CBD may synergistically interact with specific monoterpene compounds to more effectively treat anxiety-related disorders.

Research Objectives:

The primary objective of this research project is to characterize and develop novel cannabidiol-terpene formulations that are effective at treating symptoms of anxiety disorders. Our integrative experimental approach will use pre-clinical rodent modelling of anxiety-related symptoms combined with molecular brain analyses, behavioural pharmacological techniques, neurometabolomic mapping and in vivo neuronal electrophysiological recording procedures.

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Methodology: Research studies will use an integrative combination of behavioural neuroscience, pre-clinical modeling of anxiety-related symptoms and disorders, neuronal electrophysiology, molecular signalling pathway analyses and neurometabolomic imaging techniques with mass spectrometry and MALDI imaging procedures.
Expertise and Skills Needed: Behavioural Neuroscience
Neuronal Electrophysiology
Pre-Clinical Psychiatric Disease Models
Rodent Studies.