Postdoctoral Positions

Postdoctoral Fellow (OCAD) – Visual Analytics

Expected Starting Date: Summer/early Fall, 2017

Position Title: Visual Analytics Lab Post-doctoral Research Fellow
Department: Visual Analytics
Remuneration: $55,000 per annum, plus benefits
Posting Date: June 4, 2017
Duration: 18 to 24 months
Supervisor: Dr. Sara Diamond
Location: Toronto

Job Summary:
The combination of skills in data extraction, analysis and visualization is highly marketable in both industry and academia. This Post-doctoral position is an excellent stepping stone to a career as a data scientist and visual analytics expert. The candidate will work within a dynamic lab with a proven track record of outstanding achievements and contributions in visual analytics research, in partnership with The Globe and Mail to bring research findings to real-world applications.

This position’s primary focus in the lab will be to lead a software development project in collaboration with our industry partner The Globe and Mail to add value to their proprietary data through analysis and visualization. Specifically, we are working with a large corpus of website traffic data to convert it into interactive and practical visualizations that marketers can use to determine optimal ad placement. The candidate will work directly with the SOSCIP computing platform to develop clustering algorithms and extract the correlations within a large dynamic data set.

The Post-doctoral Fellow (PDF) will be expected to lead the software development and will be responsible for managing the project. Their management duties will include creating and managing an overall work-flow for the project, delegating tasks to student research assistants, supervising student work, and documenting the project’s development through periodic reports. In their software development duties, they will be expected to take the lead in developing new algorithms, and to be writing most of the code behind our software product. Furthermore, the PDF is expected to disseminate their research findings through academic conferences, industry presentations, and peer-reviewed publications.

The PDF will provide the Visual Analytics Lab with much needed expertise from the Computer Sciences, while at the same time, the PDF will benefit from the unique experience of being immersed with an art and design university. This position will provide the PDF with the opportunity to learn design skills, as well as the opportunity to teach computational skills. Student researchers will bring strong design skills but will require supervision to amplify existing and new programming knowledge. The successful candidate for this position will have a leadership role in this project in collaboration with the Principal Investigator (Dr. Sara Diamond).

The Post-doctoral Fellow will play a leadership role in the Visual Analytics Lab, reporting directly to Dr. Sara Diamond (University President and Principal Investigator of the lab). The Visual Analytics Lab (VAL) at OCAD U is focused on innovation and training in information, and scientific visualizations and visual analytics. Driven by the increasing complexity of data sets and the need for visualization of both data and information the VAL’s team of researchers, designers, artists, cultural theorists, graphics specialists and software developers, invent new visual metaphors, create analysis algorithms, deliver prototypes and research outcomes that strive to make complex data meaningful by skilful visual designs, compelling interaction, sound analytic methods, and solid engineering. The VAL collaborates with local experts, international and industry partners with projects that span urban and transportation issues, financial and health care services, publishing, social media and the entertainment sector.

How to Apply:
Review of applications will commence on receipt so please apply. Applicants should provide a one page covering letter indicating their research interests and highlighting their strengths, an academic C.V. and three references to and

For more information, please visit or contact Dr. Sara Diamond ( or Dr. Steve Szigeti (

Key Responsibilities: • Lead the development of data analytics and visualization software that will be used by The Globe and Mail’s marketing team
• Develop new clustering algorithms to reveal correlations within large dynamics data sets
• Develop new methods for analyzing, interpreting, and compiling data
• Engage with IBM Big Insights Ecosystem on the SOSCIP cloud analytics platform, in particular the Apache Spark and Apache Hadoop frameworks
• Conduct literature reviews and keep abreast of newest developments in the field
• Manage and supervise graduate and undergraduate research assistants
• Present results at academic conferences and industry meetings, prepare and publish peer-reviewed articles, and participate in the preparation of grant application packages
• Work with the Lab Manager and other personnel
Required Qualifications: • PhD degree in computer science (graduated with a PhD on or after June, 2012 or will graduate with PhD by September, 2017)
• Experience with data analytics (using python and other open source tools)
• Comfort working with big data and real time analytics
• Proven ability to multi-task in a deadline oriented environment with minimal supervision
• Effective oral and written communication, analytical, and interpersonal skills
• Excellent organizational skills and the ability to learn new skills quickly
• Demonstrated ability to work independently and participate collaboratively in a team environment
• Accuracy and attention to detail
Special Skills: • Comfort working with version control software (such at Git)
• Data visualization skills
• Understanding of design thinking principles

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