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Individual Membership

If you are a postdoc working in Canada (regardless of citizenship or nationality) or a Canadian postdoc working abroad you are automatically considered a member of CAPS/ACSP, but you have to complete a brief membership form to join our mailing lists.

Click here to sign-up as an individual member of CAPS/ACSP and select which of our email lists you wish to join. Membership is free and it only takes 1-2 minutes to complete the form.

Postdoc Associations

Associations that represent postdocs working at Canadian institutions are invited to become Affiliated Postdoctoral Associations (PDAs). To become a CAPS/ACSP Affiliated PDA, simply complete this form [insert link] to choose the mailing lists you would like to join and indicate whether or not your association would like to be listed on our website.

Postdoctoral Offices and Administrators

Postdoctoral offices (PDOs) and administrators from Canadian universities and research institutions are welcome to become affiliated with CAPS/ACSP.

Affiliated PDOs and administrators are invited to complete the following form [insert link] to join the CAPS/ACSP email list and indicate whether they would like to be acknowledged on our website.

Other stakeholder groups

Postdoctoral Associations in Canada

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