Registering as a Individual Member of CAPS/ACSP

To gain access to the various mailing lists and online groups offered by CAPS/ACSP you must register as a member. CAPS/ACSP offers different membership types to suit a wide variety of stakeholders, including: current postdocs, former postdocs, prospective postdocs, and representatives from various stakeholder groups related to postdoctoral administration, training, career development, funding, or policy development.

Membership is free and it only takes a few minutes to complete the appropriate registration form (see below) and select the email lists and/or online groups you would like access to.

Active Member Registration - Current postdocs only

If you are a postdoc currently working in Canada (regardless of citizenship or nationality) or a Canadian postdoc currently working abroad you are automatically considered a member of CAPS/ACSP, but you must register to provide the necessary evidence of your status before you can be added to our voting list, mailing lists, or online groups. Simply follow the link provided below to complete the required form.

Current Postdoc Membership Form


Adjunct or Alumni Member Registration - Anyone who is not a current postdoc

If you are not eligible to register as a current postdoc member of CAPS/ACSP then we ask that you complete a separate form to register as an Adjunct or Alumni Member in order to access our mailing lists and any available online groups. Simply follow the link provided below to complete the required form.

Adjunct & Alumni Membership Form

Anyone can apply to register as a member of CAPS/ACSP, but this form is particularly intended for:

  1. Former postdocs – who worked as a postdoc in Canada or Canadian citizens who worked as a postdoc abroad
  2. Prospective postdocs – graduate students
  3. Organizers from labour unions that represent postdocs working in Canada
  4. Postdoctoral administrators at Canadian institutions
  5. Faculty members at Canadian institutions
  6. Research associates or assistants at Canadian institutions
  7. Employees / representatives of government ministries or agencies in Canada (provincial / federal)
  8. Employees / representatives of non-governmental funding or policy organizations in Canada
  9. Representatives from other stakeholder groups related to postdocs working in Canada


Member Rights




Registering an Organization as an Affiliate of CAPS/ACSP

Affiliation is a informal arrangement between CAPS/ACSP and an external organization.

CAPS/ACSP Affiliates are:

  • Expected to share information provided by CAPS/ACSP, promote CAPS/ACSP events and initiatives, and/or assist with the dissemination of CAPS/ACSP surveys to their members or contacts
  • Encouraged to advertise their affiliation with CAPS/ACSP on their website, in electronic communications, and on social media and are encouraged to share direct links to the CAPS/ACSP website.

In return, CAPS/ACSP provides reciprocal support by:

  • Sharing information provided by affiliates with our members
  • Providing access to specific email lists or groups for some types of affiliates – as determined by the nature/mandate of the organization in question
  • Providing recognition to affiliates on the CAPS/ACSP website and in shared posts

To register your organization as an Affiliate of CAPS/ACSP, please select and complete the appropriate Affiliation form from the list provided here:



Contributing Members & Affiliates Plan

CAPS/ACSP needs funds to continue providing the kind of resources, support, and advocacy that postdocs working in Canada and Canadian postdocs working abroad deserve and to develop new support and services for our members.

To that end, we have now launched the CONTRIBUTING MEMBERS & AFFILIATES PLAN, which gives active/alumni members and affiliates a means of supporting CAPS/ACSP’s advocacy efforts in addition to other perks.

Want to support CAPS/ACSP’s advocacy efforts?

Want access to CAPS/ACSP’s discount insurance options for members?

Want early access to CAPS/ACSP’s webinars on career development, postdoc policy, and other topics (5-10 per year)?

Become a Contributing Member or Affiliate today!

Fees & Perks

*Summary data in table format for one group only provided free of charge. Additional analyses and formats, and custom analyses available at cost. Contact or for more information.

Schedule of Fees










Note: All fees are non-refundable








How to become a Contributing Member or Affiliate


  1. Register as a member of CAPS/ACSP using the appropriate form provided above.
  2. Send an e-transfer for $50 (or more if you wish) to to become a lifetime Contributing Member of CAPS/ACSP. Please include “Contributing Members Fee” in the e-transfer message and provide the email address that we should add to the new Contributing Members & Affiliates List.
  3. Your Contributing Member Status will be confirmed via email and you will be added to the Contributing Members & Affiliates List – which will be used to share special offers in the future.

Organizations (PDAs, Unions, and Institutions):

  1. Register as a CAPS/ACSP Affiliate using the appropriate form above.
  2. Email to make payment arrangements as detailed in the table above.
  3. Your Contributing Affiliate Status will be confirmed via email and you will be added to the Contributing Members & Affiliates List – which will be used to share special offers in the future.



Questions or Comments about Membership or Affiliation?

Questions or comments about our new membership structure, affiliation, or any of the associated forms should be directed to CAPS/ACSP’s Vice-Chair Membership (


CAPS/ACSP Privacy Policy - Membership and Affiliation Forms

CAPS/ACSP takes the privacy of our members and affiliates very seriously. Responses provided on our membership and affiliation forms are confidential and will only be viewed by members of the CAPS/ACSP Executive Council. CAPS/ACSP does not share any member or affiliate data without the express consent of the member or affiliated party. The information provided to us on our membership and affiliation forms will never be sold to any third party.

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