Dear Fellow Postdocs,

As you know CAPS-ASCP supports the Black Lives Matter movement and acknowledges the many challenges faced by People of Colour and Indigenous populations in Canada and in Science. We want to keep the conversation going- as this is not something that is going away without greater understanding and action from our white community. In order to make change we need to do more than not be racist, we need to educate ourselves and be actively anti-racist in order to serve as allies for our fellow citizens and scientists of colour.

To learn more about how you can be an ally and take a stand please check out some of these fantastic resources:

Take action as a scientist: take action

What to do if you find yourself in a conflict: 12 things to do instead of calling the cops

Learn a little bit everyday: Daily Reading

Be an ally: 100 Things White People can Do, Reconciliation Canada, To our White friends who want to be an ally

Take bystander training: here and here

Donate: BLM Canada, Canada Helps: Indigenous Charities

We would also like to acknowledge that at this time CAPS-ASCP does not currently have any Black or Indigenous representation on our executive council. If you would like to get involved, share a personal story/experience, give us feedback or suggestions on how to better serve our minority communities, or have any resources you would like to share with us please contact us at: We would love to share your story, we appreciate your criticism, and would like to help in any way we can.

Best Regards,

VC Career Development: CAPS-ASCP