In collaboration with CAPS/ACSP, Mitacs, and Finance Montréal,  Adoc Talent Management has now launched the largest survey on the skills and professional careers of Canadian PhDs ever conducted: The PhDetectives Survey!

This survey is aimed at doctoral graduates (since 1988) as well as those in the process of completing their PhD. A complementary survey is being conducted with employers to define and assess PhD competencies and skills that are desired in the Canadian job market.

The objective of these surveys is to increase the recognition of the doctorate by building accurate indicators about the career path of PhDs and demonstrating the diversity and richness of PhD skills.

The PhDetectives Survey is designed to help PhD-holders learn more about their own skills and competencies!

Click here to participate in the survey!

In addition, Adoc is offering prizes to people who do the best job helping them recruit additional participants! Just become a “PhDetective” and share the survey with friends and colleagues for a chance to win!

For more information, or to become a PhDetective please visit the PhDetectives website by clicking here.

Whether you decide to play along for a chance to win prizes or not, your help spreading the word about this survey is needed – please help us collect as much data about this very important topic as possible by sharing this with your networks and on social media.