In July 2018 Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) requested input from CAPS/ACSP regarding current immigration and work authorization policies and the impact of those policies on international postdocs working in Canada.

To maximize input from international postdocs and ensure that we capture all the major challenges related to postdoc immigration, CAPS/ACSP conducted the 2018 Canadian Immigration Survey.

A large portion of data from that survey was included in our final report to the IRCC, along with recommendations based on that data, data from the 2016 National Survey, and other input from current and former postdocs (primarily those currently serving on the CAPS/ACSP Executive Council).

The CAPS/ACSP Executive would like to thank the ~80 postdocs who completed the survey and provided their input for this worthy cause. Your data and quotes made it possible for us to provide pretty convincing arguments about the need for change with respect to postdoctoral immigration policies.

The final report includes a variety of important recommendations regarding work authorization (work permit) and long-term immigration (permanent residence) policies that would transform the current system into one that would truly support the recruitment and retention of international postdocs in Canada.

The full report is available for download here:
CAPS/ACSP 2018 Canadian Postdoctoral Immigration Report