We are excited to announce the Canadian Postdoctoral Scholars Society Image competition 2020. This competition focuses on capturing the life of our postdoctoral fellows during the COVID-19 pandemic. We genuinely believe that our postdoctoral fellows are the house power for our universities, and this pandemic with all associated uncertainties represent real challenges for our next generation of scientists. Despite that, we are fully confident that our fellows have shown a high resilience and determination in the face of this pandemic.

To acknowledge all of these bright moments, we would like to invite our postdoctoral fellows to apply to our Image Competition by submitting an image or a portrait that they think best represents the challenges that Canadian postdocs have been tackling during the COVID-19 pandemic. This may include, but not limited to, the new norm of working from home, life-work balance, uncertainty about the next step.

Applicants can submit photos that are taken by their mobile phones or professional cameras. Images and portraits that are made using any drawing software or any other material can also be submitted. The image should be (36”x24”) in size and has a minimum resolution of (300 dpi). 

Only one image is allowed per application, and each applicant can only submit one application individually or as a group. Applicants can combine more than one image to produce their images. Each application should include a short statement (maximum 100 words) to explain how the image represents the life of Canadian postdocs during the COVID-19 pandemic. Submission will start on July 1st, 2020. Please submit your application to VC External.

Applications will be evaluated by a judging committee that includes members of CAPS and academic staff from different Canadian universities based on their originality, creativity and presentation. The committee will select four finalists and there will be public voting to select the winner of this year’s competition. The winner will receive (200$) while the three runners-up will each receive (100$). The winning and runners-up images will be displayed for three months on the CAPS website, and the winner, along with the runners-up, will be invited to the CAPS Annual General Meeting that will be held virtually this year on Nov 5th 2020 to present them with their awards.


  1. Applicants should be postdoctoral fellows in one of the Canadian Universities or Research Institutes or Canadian postdoctoral fellows who are undertaking their postdoctoral training aboard.
  2. The application can be submitted by one postdoctoral fellow or a group of fellows. To encourage collaborative work between our fellows, there will be an extra (10-points) added to the total points of each application (maximum score is 100 points) submitted by a group of two or more postdoctoral fellows. Collaborations can be made within the same University/Institute or across the different universities/institutes.

The deadline is September 25th October 15th, 2020!

If you have any questions, please reach out to CAPS by emailing Qutuba Karwi.