In the fall of 2016 the CAPS/ACSP Executive Council submitted a report to the Science Secretariat in response to a request for input from the Chair of the Advisory Panel for Canada’s Fundamental Science Review, Dr. David Naylor. This was one of many reports submitted during the Advisory Panel’s consultation process, but unlike most groups, CAPS/ACSP did not release our report to the public.

The report was not released at the time because it contained data from our 2016 National Survey, which was not itself scheduled for public release until over a month after the submission deadline set by the Science Secretariat. In the months that followed we delayed the release of this report a few more times to avoid causing confusion with the official report from our 2016 Canadian National Postdoc Survey, and eventually it became one of those items that has moved too far down the to-do list to seem like a priority.

However, with the official release of the Advisory Panel’s report to the Government of Canada, entitled “Investing in Canada’s Future: Strengthening the Foundations of Canadian Research” (aka: the Naylor report; see related post on this site) in April 2017, our report to the Advisory Panel has now become relevant once again, particularly to those interested in examining the Naylor report with an eye towards its potential impact on postdoctoral policy.

And so, here, for the first time we present the long overdue release of CAPS/ACSP’s Official Report to the Advisory Panel for Canada’s Fundamental Science Review:

Keep an eye out for more discussion pieces on this important topic from the CAPS/ACSP Executive Council in the coming weeks.