Development of a National Group Health/Dental Insurance Plan for Postdocs

Based on benefits data from the CAPS/ACSP’s 2016 National Postdoc Survey, we estimate that of the nearly 10,000 postdocs currently working in Canada:
~4,000 postdocs have no drug plan, dental benefits, family coverage, extended health benefits, or vision coverage
~5,000 postdocs have no long-term disability or life insurance coverage

This type of support is essential to the health and wellbeing of postdocs and their families, so the CAPS/ACSP Executive Council is looking to implement a national group health/dental insurance plan for all postdocs working in Canada and perhaps even Canadian postdocs working abroad.

Toward that goal, we have developed a survey to gauge the interest and needs of Canadian postdocs with respect to insurance coverage.
Please help us develop the most appropriate single-payer insurance program possible for postdocs by completing this brief questionnaire: CAPS/ACSP Group Insurance Survey

The survey only takes about 5 min and the results will be used to inform our negotiations with insurance providers. The survey will close at midnight (Pacific Time) on July 31st, 2017.

Next Steps:

The CAPS/ACSP Executive Council will set up an Insurance Working Committee to spearhead this initiative.

Following the survey, the Working Committee will seek quotes for a national, single-payer group insurance plan(s) for postdocs that suits the needs expressed by the survey participants. Competitive plans will be circulated to postdocs who have offered to assist in the development of a national insurance program for postdocs for feedback and to select the plan(s) that will be implemented.

With some luck and assistance from members, we hope to have a plan(s) available to postdocs in the next 3-4 months.

Thanks in advance to those who help out with this important intiative.

The CAPS/ACSP Executive Council