Dear Postdocs,

Belated Happy Canada Day!!

Thanks to all of you who voted in the 2017-2018 CAPS/ACSP Executive Council Election!

The results are in and the elected positions on the 2017-2018 Executive Council will be as follows:

Dr. Joseph S. Sparling (University of Calgary)
Past Chair
Dr. Mohamad Nadim Adi (Bitcash Inc. / M.N. Technologies)
Vice-Chair External
Dr. Mohamed Elgendi (University of British Columbia)
Vice-Chair Operations
Dr. Anni Hamalainen (University of Alberta)
Vice-Chair Communications
Dr. Emma Griffiths (Simon Fraser University)
Vice-Chair Finance
Dr. Mohit Garg (University of Victoria)
Vice-Chair International
Dr. Helen Roberts (University of Alberta)
Vice-Chair Career Development
Dr. Nazanin Taimoory (University of Windsor)
Vice-Chair Membership
Dr. Houman Savoji (University of Toronto)
Vice-Chair Data Management
Dr. Maartje Wouters (British Columbia Cancer Agency)

To the outgoing members of the 2016-2017 Executive Council – my sincere thanks for all of your dedication, time, and effort over the past year or more. Your contributions to CAPS/ACSP are greatly appreciated:
Dr. Monica Sesma-Vazquez (VC Communications 2014-2017)
Dr. Nafisa Jadavji (VC External, 2015-2017)
Dr. Caitlin Forsey (VC Operations, 2016-2017)
Dr. Lauren Drogos (VC International, 2016-2017)

On behalf of the elected members of the Executive Council I would also like to thank the At-Large Members of the 2016-2017 Council for their dedication and support during the past year:
Dr. Michael Kyweriga (University of Lethbridge)
Dr. Peter Clark (Simon Fraser University)
Dr. Grace Iyirhiaro (University of Ottawa)
Dr. Stefanie Vogt (University of British Columbia)

In closing, please join me in welcoming all of the new and returning members of the Executive! Here’s looking forward to a productive and successful year working towards improving postdoc policy and support for all postdocs working in Canada and Canadian postdocs abroad!


Joseph S. Sparling, PhD