MEOPAR Fellowships

Marine Environmental Observation Prediction & Response network (MEOPAR)

MEOPAR Postdoctoral Fellowship Awards


Established in 2012 through Canada’s federal Networks of Centres of Excellence Program, the Marine Environmental Observation, Prediction and Response (MEOPAR) Network is a national network of academic researchers, students, government scientists, and partners in the private, not-for-profit and community sectors working together to reduce Canada’s vulnerability to marine risk. An independent not-for-profit organization, MEOPAR supports interdisciplinary research, provides training opportunities for students, and mobilizes scientific knowledge and technology through cross-sector engagement. MEOPAR’s objective is to connect partners, resources and expertise to prepare for risks and take advantage of opportunities in the changing marine environment.

The MEOPAR Fellowships:

In 2020/21, MEOPAR expects to offer up to three Postdoctoral Fellowship Awards of $20,000. The purpose of these awards is to bring new postdoctoral fellows into the network to connect them with MEOPAR-funded researchers and HQP.

Proposed research activities that would be supported by an Award must address MEOPAR’s organizational objective (To connect partners, resources and expertise to prepare for risks and take advantage of opportunities in the changing marine environment), and must be linked to one of MEOPAR’s four challenge areas: Ocean Observation; Forecasting/Projection; Coastal Resilience; and Marine Operations/Transportation. Refer to MEOPAR’s Strategic Plan for more information.

The Requirements:

Awards will supplement existing funding support awarded to promising new scholars. To be considered for a MEOPAR Postdoctoral Fellowship Award, funding applicants must:

  • Receive a base level of financial support ($45,000) from additional sources: home department, supervisor research grants, and/or through government and agency scholarships or awards;
  • Demonstrate support from their supervisor for their work and their proposed use of the award funds;
  • Participate full‐time in their respective program at a Canadian post-secondary institution that is eligible for Tri-Council funding; and
  • Engage in research aligned with the strategic plan of MEOPAR.

Application instructions and a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) document are available on MEOPAR’s website.

 The deadline to apply is 26 June 2020. Questions about the award may be directed to Laura Avery.


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