Mitacs-Accellerate Internship - Biochemistry / Molecular biology, Life Sciences

DoseBiome Inc., Toronto, ON, Canada

Understanding the Mechanism of Probiotics for Human Health (ON-252)

Desired discipline(s): Biochemistry / Molecular biology, Life Sciences, Food science
Company: DoseBiome Inc.
Project Length: 6 months to 1 year
Preferred start date: 09/02/2019
Language requirement: English
Location(s): Toronto, ON, Canada
No. of positions: 1
Preferred institutions: University of Toronto

About the company: 

DoseBiome finds unique ways to manage your microbiome through different actives like probiotics. We’re small but mighty – and are always on the lookout for people who share our vision. DoseBiome is located in the heart of downtown Toronto in the MaRS Discovery District, North America’s largest urban innovation hub. Aside from great people and a sweet location, we’re a registered B Corp and are proud to offer opportunities to give back to the community while operating sustainably.

Project Description: 

DoseBiome has developed a probiotic strain that promotes human health by both inhibiting and killing known pathogens.  The project aims to understand the mechanism of this antagonism, in order to better modulate the human microbiome through our probiotic.  The research will directly lead to better methodologies for the commercial manufacturing of the probiotic.

This postdoctoral fellowship is in Professor Will Navarre’s research group at the University of Toronto.

Research Objectives:

  • Isolation and Analysis of the inhibitory secretory molecule(s) of the probiotic
  • Understanding of the genetic regulation of the secretory molecule (genome available)
  • Genetic engineering of probiotic and/or related organisms
  • Optimization of probiotic fermentation.


Molecular Biology:  PCR, RT-PCR, qPCR, etc.
Bacterial Cloning
Bacterial Fermentation

To apply:

Interested candidates should submit a cover letter & CV to

Required expertise/skills: 

We are seeking a postdoctoral fellow to work with Professor Will Navarre’s research group at the University of Toronto

The PDF will need research expertise in the following areas:

– Microbiology
– Microbial Genetics
– Molecular BiologyEmphasis on Microbial Proteins/Metabolites