PDF - Kinetics of Inactivation of Botulinum Spores by Ultraviolet Light

Health Canada and Trojan Technologies, McGill University, Ottawa

PDF – Kinetics of Inactivation of Botulinum Spores

An exciting opportunity exists to work with experts in the Canadian Botulism Reference Service located within Health Canada’s Tunney’s Pasture location in Ottawa. The successful candidate will be an essential part of a team evaluating the ultraviolet sensitivity of several organisms including phage, Clostridium sporogenes, and Clostridium botulinum. The objective of this work is to produce a journal publication on the UV disinfection of clostridium botulinum strains, as well as that of non-pathogenic strains to be used as surrogates.

Food-borne botulism is a serious condition caused by consumption of the toxin produced by certain strains of clostridium bacteria. The spores formed by clostridium are resistant to many types of inactivation, and ultraviolet disinfection is being investigated as a supplementary treatment method to inactivate these spores. There is a need to develop high-quality data on the susceptibility of Clostridium botulinum to ultraviolet disinfection.

The fellow will have an opportunity to work with ultraviolet disinfection and cell culture in a BioSafety Level 3 laboratory. The fellow will work in Canada’s national Botulism Reference Service, with mentorship by world experts on botulism. The work is sponsored by Trojan Technologies, the world’s largest provider of UV treatment systems for water disinfection.

How to Apply

Please send cover letter and CV to Dr. Michelle Gabriel at mgabriel@trojanuv.com

Job responsibilities:: • Culture and enumeration of clostridium spores • UV irradiation of aqueous suspensions of spores and indicator organisms • Data analysis and presentation
Requirements:: • PhD in Microbiology, Food Science, or another appropriate discipline • PhD must have been received within the last five years to be eligible for MITACS funding • Attention to detail • Good oral and written communication • Ability to work independently
Start Date:: Immediate
Duration:: Flexible