CAPS/ACSP is proud to share this report, written by one of the At-Large Members of our Executive, Dr. Peter Clark.

The report provides a wealth of information about postdoctoral policy at the federal, provincial, institutional and funding body levels and focuses on the effect of those policies in terms of labour conditions, statutory benefits, and immigration in particular. In addition, Dr. Clark identifies a number of action items for addressing the lack of basic labour rights and other difficulties facing postdocs in Canada. From a provincial perspective this report is particularly valuable, as it provides a detailed account of the legislation that should be targeted to improve postdoctoral policy in each province. Well worth a read for those interested in these topics.

Here is a copy of the full report (available in English only):
Postdoctoral Fellows in Canada – Situations and Actions

This report discusses recent changes to postdoctoral policy in Alberta – for the most up-to-date information about that topic, please click here.

Any questions, comments, or suggested corrections can be sent directly to Dr. Clark at and/or to the CAPS/ACSP Executive (