The Canadian Association of Postdoctoral Scholars (CAPS-ACSP), with support from the Tri-council funding agencies (CIHR, NSERC, SSHRC) conducted a national survey of Canadian postdoctoral scholars in 2016. The survey included all members of CAPS/ACSP, such as postdoctoral scholars associated with a Canadian institution or receiving funding from within Canada, as well as Canadian postdocs working aboard and former postdoctoral scholars (within the last 4 years). The survey took about 20 minutes and explored the experiences and perceptions of postdoctoral scholars with regards to their training and work. The survey closed on April 29th, 2016, and CAPS/ACSP is now in the process of analyzing the resulting data and generating a full report for public distribution on November 21st 2016. The final report will be available under 'Publications' on this site after that date.


CAPS-ACSP conducted its second national survey in 2013. The results of that survey provided, at the time, a comprehensive picture of Canadian postdoctoral scholars: their experiences, their aspirations, and who they were. The final report from this survey can be found under Publications on this site. The results have guided our efforts to advocate on behalf of Canadian postdoctoral scholars over the past three years. However, the past three years have also seen a number of significant changes for postdoctoral scholars in Canada and so it was time again for us to ask you about your experiences in the 2016 survey.


In 2009, CAPS/ACSP conducted our first national online survey of Canadian postdoctoral scholars. A link to the final report from that survey, entitled "A postdoctoral crisis in Canada: From the “Ivory Tower” to the Academic “Parking Lot” can be found under "Publications" on this site. CAPS/ACSP also wrote an accompanying position paper on postdoctoral status that was released around the same time. That document, entitled “CAPS Preliminary Position Paper on Postdoctoral Status” is also available by link under "Publications" on this site.