Website welcome poster

As the Chair of CAPS/ACSP for 2016-2017, it is my pleasure to unveil our new and improved website!

My sincere thanks to the many members of the CAPS/ACSP Executive Teams from 2014-2016 who contributed to the design and content of this site, and especially Dr. Monica Sesma-Vazquez, whose dedication to this task was central to its successful completion.

At this point the content of the site is relatively minimal, but that will change over the coming weeks and months, as the CAPS/ACSP Executive launches new initiatives and continues to upload additional information, resources, news & opinion pieces.

If you notice any issues with the functionality of the site, have any suggestions for content, or you would like to volunteer to help with website maintenance or improvements, please feel free to contact us at

Thanks and happy surfing.


Joseph S. Sparling, PhD